20 years of experience

About Bridget Porter

Bridget Porter is a certified Personal trainer currently leading classes and life changing programs at the South Cooper Street YMCA, Premier Yoga and Fitness Studio and Crossfit Ananda. After a successful athletic career and graduating from Indiana University Bridget shares her insight gained from these experiences by motivating clients with strategies that leads to their success. As a highly sought-after professional trainer with over 15 years training experience Bridget present workshops, adult balanced living and weight loss. Specifically, Bridget creates dynamic one-on-one and Boot Camp programs that help clients reach goals. She provides practical tools, solutions and methods for taking control of your physical fitness. The Energy and excitement Bridget brings to her line of work is contagious as she inspires change in the lives of her clients. Bridget’s belief system is simple–life is more rewarding when you are moving in a positive direction–and she is passionate about sharing that message with the world.

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
TRX Certified
PT Aerobics and Fitness Association (AFAA)

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